domenica 15 maggio 2011

Lucifer's Friends

Lucifersfriends (@320)

Lucifer's Friends [1987]

A1 The Acid Flowers – Sancho Panza
A2 The Jazz Butcher – Zombie Love
A3 Kim Squad And The Dinah Shore Headbangers – Animal
A4 The Falling Spikes – Falling Spikes
A5 King Holiday And The Shadowmen – The King Is Back
A6 Diggers Maze – Grace In Parties
A7 Hitchcock's Scream – Dream Number One
A8 Degenerazione Musicale – Le Bolle Migliori Fatte Con La Mia Bocca Immerso Nella Vasca Da Bagno

B1 Sir Chime And The Lovers – Screamin' Blue Lullaby

B2 Membranes – Savage Sea
B3 Pinky Silence And The Mad Horses – Feedback Symphony
B4 Bad Medicine – Sex Illusion Machine
B5 Jacobites – Pin Your Heart To Me
B6 Last Train From Drug Hill – You're Gonna Miss Me
B7 Subterranean Dining Rooms – Clear Night For Love

A1: A wonderful sweet folk pop song.
A2: A present by Butch to his fans. In this song, taken from 1984 12" MARNIE, miaow mix, NOW DELETED, it's the first time he's going electric(As BOB DYLAN at, eh, eh, eh....)!
A3: A rock'n'roll song by a great rock'n'roll band. Originally written by ARTURO, the old bass player.
A4: An acoustic sound for the electric joint of the girl.
A5: One of the most obscure, strange and intuitive artist. With his friends LORENZO, METRO BENZINA, MAX and PIT. Song written by PIER long time ago. DEDICATED TO HIM.
A6: Another track by ENZO, who's playing now with BAD MEDICINE too. When SYD kisses the swing.
A7: This song, written in 1982, is taken from the sessions of the soundtrack STRANGE MORNING DREAMS (crazy film 001).
A8: A degenerated classic song! Dedicated to FRANCA & FRANCESCO D'ABRAMO(the radio voices).
B1: The lovers take their instruments and the sky explodes. They're so wild. Produced by the family.
B2: A noisepop song by a popnoise group. We love the noise, we love the pop.
B3: The guitar is a slow fire, and the soul is lying...on a feedback symphony. A classical garage song.
B4: The last bleeding song by the first sliding line-up of the band. A four-track recording.
B5: Recorded in Milan during Nikki's italian tour of 1985. All words, music and feedback by the Jacobites. Great trash'n'roll gig. Hello Chris, how are you?
B6: One of the best gig i've ever seen. An intense, distroted energy from the inside. This track, recorded live in AMSTERDAM, is a beautiful inspired cover of ROCKY lucifer ERICKSON classic.
B7: It's a clear night - I give myself to you - It's a clear night - For the moon...with love.

sabato 14 maggio 2011

Snake Corps – Testament

Snake Corps – Testament [1986]

1- Testament

2- Hit The Cat
3- Goodbye Forever

The Primevals - Heya

The Primevals - Heya [1987]
1- Heya - Part 1
2- Down Where The Madness Grows
3- Justify
4- Heya - Part 2

Michael Rooney - lead vocals, harmonica
John Honeyman - bass
Malcolm McDonald - lead/slide guitar
Gordon Goudie - acoustic/rhythm guitar
Rhod "lefty" Burnett - eastern drums

lunedì 9 maggio 2011

The Outta Place - We're Outta Place

wereouttaplace (@320)

The Outta Place - We're Outta Place [1984]

A1 - Things Are Different Now
A2 - Outta Sight, Outta Mind
A3 - Don't Crowd Me

B1 - Louie, Louie
B2 - Dirty Old Man
B3 - We're Outta Place
B4 - Bonus Track

ANDREA - drums
ORINI - bass
SHARI - organ
JORDAN - guitar
CHANDLER - vocals